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His Medical Activities are :-

  • Career Counselor, Writer and Medical Practitioner.

  • Worked with Jnana Prabodhini Samshodhan Sanstha, Pune from 1999-2010 as an In-charge, Career Guidance Cell.

  • More than 6500 students have taken his guidance in 'personal counselling'.

  • Associated closely with Neeti Solutions for providing strategic guidelines, creating interactivities and contents in Neeti's "Children and Challenges" area. Together with Dr. Geet, Neeti is developing an extra-ordinary counselling guidance to students for careers in 21st century challenges such as climate change, increasing disasters and creating wider gap between poor and rich countries. He is also co-authoring a book on Careers in Disaster Management

Workshops & Lectures as a physician :-
  • GPCON 1993. Workshop on Pain in Abdomen along with Dr. Raghunath Godbole and Dr.Vinay Thorat.
  • National Conference on General Practice by IMA, Pune 1995. Workshop on Problems of Adolescence along with Dr. Luktuke and Dr. Jog.
  • Convenor for 'Arogya Prashnottari' programme run at Sanjeevan Hospital, Pune
  • Geriatric Problems arranged for lay public on the occassion of 75th anniversary of IMA, Pune along with Dr. Chougule, Dr. Modak and Dr. Deodhar.
  • Understanding Geriatrics: Sneha Sadan, Goa.
  • On Consumer Protection Act at Shrirampur Medical Association,1995.
  • IMA Amaravati: How to Introspect about Me, Family and My Career
How counseling is conducted:-
  • Personal Counselling for students appearing for 10th standard and above with their parents can be conducted.
  • Personal appointment for thorough discussions about deciding Career, Changing Career, Business problems is given.
  • Lectures on various topics on Career comprising of 60 minutes lecture delivery followed by Q&A, for 30 minutes can be arranged.
  • Interactive workshops of 15 students, of two hours duration that leads to take a vital decisions about your own career can be arranged.
  • All probable scenarios are discussed with pros & cons during the appointment. TIME IS NOT A CONSTRAINT.ALL QUERIES ARE ANSWERED.
  • Follow-up through telecom conversations possible for the next one year.
"10000+ graduates from various streams have already benefited during last five years !!! "
Discussions solve numerous dilemmas like
- Whether I should join IT or core engineering after my BE?
- Am I suitable for MBA- CAT or CET?
- What should I pursue after my first degree?
- Is CA or CS suitable for me?
- and many such....
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