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Dr. Shreeram Geet,
(B.A.M.&S, 1970) is a Family Physician from Pune. He was the Co-Ordinator & Staff Training In-charge for 11 years at Sanjeevan Hospital, Pune.

He is a Founder Secretary of General Practitioner Association, Pune 1991-93.

Family Background -

Married to Dr. Mrs. Asha

Son Nikhil and daughter-in-law Dr. Mrs. Jui Geet and their son Master Neil Geet studying in Bangalore.

Daughters - Renu married to Mr. Girish Dindorkar Tanuja married to Mr. Chetan Vaishampayan.

He is currently working as :-

  • Career Counselor, Writer and Medical Practitioner.

  • Worked with Jnana Prabodhini Samshodhan Sanstha, Pune from 1999-2010 as an In-charge, Career Guidance Cell.

  • More than 6500 students have taken his guidance in 'personal counselling'.

  • Associated closely with Neeti Solutions for providing strategic guidelines, creating interactivities and contents in Neeti's "Children and Challenges" area. Together with Dr. Geet, Neeti is developing an extra-ordinary counselling guidance to students for careers in 21st century challenges such as climate change, increasing disasters and creating wider gap between poor and rich countries. He is also co-authoring a book on Careers in Disaster Management

Workshops & Lectures as a physician :-
  • GPCON 1993. Workshop on Pain in Abdomen along with Dr. Raghunath Godbole and Dr.Vinay Thorat.
  • National Conference on General Practice by IMA, Pune 1995. Workshop on Problems of Adolescence along with Dr. Luktuke and Dr. Jog.
  • Convenor for 'Arogya Prashnottari' programme run at Sanjeevan Hospital, Pune
  • Geriatric Problems arranged for lay public on the occassion of 75th anniversary of IMA, Pune along with Dr. Chougule, Dr. Modak and Dr. Deodhar.
  • Understanding Geriatrics: Sneha Sadan, Goa.
  • On Consumer Protection Act at Shrirampur Medical Association,1995.
  • IMA Amaravati: How to Introspect about Me, Family and My Career
Dr. Geet has written on:-
  1. बेरोजगारीची साधी पाच कारणे
  2. बेकार बोलणे म्हणजे बेकारीला निमंत्रण 
  3. ग्राहकहित दिवाळी अंक 1995 
  4. करियर राहुलची (समन्वय, दिवाळी 2008) 
  5. बेकारिवर मात लिहायला सुरवात (लोकमत पुणे बुधवार, 10 डिसेंबर 2008) 
  6. पदवीशिक्षणाचे व्यावहारिक रुपांतर म्हणजे नोकरी(लोकमत पुणे बुधवार, 24 डिसेंबर 2008)
  7. व्यापाराची बदलती ओळख - ई कॉमर्स (जैन जाग्रुती, डिसेंबर 2008) 
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