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Dr. Shreeram Geet,
(B.A.M.&S, 1970) is a Family Physician from Pune. He was the Co-Ordinator & Staff Training In-charge for 11 years at Sanjeevan Hospital, Pune.

He is a Founder Secretary of General Practitioner Association, Pune 1991-93.

Family Background -

Married to Dr. Mrs. Asha

Son Nikhil and daughter-in-law Dr. Mrs. Jui Geet and their son Master Neil Geet studying in Bangalore.

Daughters - Renu married to Mr. Girish Dindorkar Tanuja married to Mr. Chetan Vaishampayan.

Dr. Geet has written on:-
  1. बेरोजगारीची साधी पाच कारणे
  2. बेकार बोलणे म्हणजे बेकारीला निमंत्रण 
  3. ग्राहकहित दिवाळी अंक 1995 
  4. करियर राहुलची (समन्वय, दिवाळी 2008) 
  5. बेकारिवर मात लिहायला सुरवात (लोकमत पुणे बुधवार, 10 डिसेंबर 2008) 
  6. पदवीशिक्षणाचे व्यावहारिक रुपांतर म्हणजे नोकरी(लोकमत पुणे बुधवार, 24 डिसेंबर 2008)
  7. व्यापाराची बदलती ओळख - ई कॉमर्स (जैन जाग्रुती, डिसेंबर 2008) 
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